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Gloster's Heritage

Posted in Blog by Patrick on 21/03/2018

Gloster opens doors to timelessly beautiful exteriors where your furniture sets your mood, just the way you want it to be. Gloster uses only the best materials and techniques available and their aim is your pleasure, to be enjoyed in countless special moments outdoors.

Gloster's roots can be traced all the way back to West Africa in 1960, where a band of passionate entrepreneurs and furniture makers took the first steps on a long journey. By the early 1970's, increased demand and access to plantation grown teak led us to move our factory to Idonesia. Today, the same passion, conviction and pride that launched the Gloster brand, continues to fuel Gloster's business. Gloster's sole focus is to design and build the world's finest outdoor furniture.

The benchmark hardwood for fine outdoor furniture for more than 700 years. With a beautiful buffed sheen or a soft natural finish, every piece of Gloster Teak originates from carefully managed plantations and is thoroughly inspected to ensure that quality endures. A close-grained hardwood with a high natural oil content, teak is exceptionally hard wearing, highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow - the first and only choice of timber for outdoor furniture. Because it matters.

Gloster and fine craftmanship go hand in hand. Their furniture is not the result of random mass production - human hands have created every rounded corner and every joint, and the quality of the furniture is the result of our employees' knowledge and skills. All of the craftsmen in their factories are proud of their ability to process wood and upholstery. They are craftsmen to their fingertips, and have worked their trade for years - exclusively for Gloster.

Tradition & Progress. Gloster is bound to both history and tradition. Their customers must be able to feel the link to themselves when they buy Gloster furniture. Gloster does not wish to stagnate in the past, they look forward and outward, so the past and future merge into a bold present to which we can all relate.

Gloster's production of teak is characterised by their approach. Gloster understand their resources and they know their wood. They only harvest what they have planted and every tree that is felled was placed in the soil by one of the Gloster plantation's workers - workers whom we have know for a lifetime. A Gloster teak tree has a lifecycle of at least 50 years - and their wood can always be traced back to its origin. Gloster believe that their customers must be able to trust them, so Gloster treat the world, its resources and its people with respect. this is the core value at Gloster. Because it matters.

Great manufacturing is wasted without great design. Gloster currently works with several world-renown designers to create timeless outdoor furniture. Once a concept is approved, designers work closely with the development team at their factory to further refine the designs. Even in this digital age, Gloster insist their designers travel to and spend time at Gloster's factory so they get to know their people, their materials and their philosophy.

The ultimate expression of outdoor living. Outdoor Lounge offers indoor style and comfort in an outdoor product. As with all the best ideas, simplicity is the key with highly modular seating units providing the building blocks for each collection. This simplicity allows a wide number of different units to integrate together to create almost limitless design possibilities.

The humble table. A place to meet, a place to et, a place to share time, experiences and interact with one another. Tables can be large or small, social or intimate. Shapes range from round, through square to rectangular - some can even be extended for when you need to accommodate more people while others fold up for when storage is limited. All in all, the table has quite a job to do, so just as well they offer a wide variety of options to help find the one that is perfect for you.


A perfect chair should go unnoticed in the fray of a social occasion. Easy to move and comfortable from first sit to last drink of the night, your seating should be the perfect accompaniment to any evening. Whether modern or traditional, conveniently stacking or designed to endure, each chair has its place. With Gloster's extended offering of dining and seating options in a broad range of materieals and finishes, Gloster know comfort and function better than anyone. Gloster are confident that after the party, their designs will continue to bring the finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Relaxation is about perfect space. About comfort and convenience. A blend of personal style and simplicity of keeping your favourite things close at hand. It is no surprise that gloster Lounge offers the ingredients to mix the perfect personal relaxation recipe. Hide away in the large and opulent Cradle, sit and reflect in Bepal or sharpen up in Bay. And don't forget, with colourful Bells, your favourite drink, book or music is always near by.

We have an easy to use navigation menu that separates the Gloster range into collections so you can view like for like items. There is also the product selector which shows the material and the type of furniture to help narrow your search and lastly there are the accessories to keep your furniture looking beautiful and working the way they should.

If there is anything that you need to help you decide which furniture will work best for you, please call our dedicated customer service team on 0208 829 8840.